"I was wearing my Muddy Mutt sweatshirt and two ladies stopped to ask me how it was as they couldn't make it. I told them it was doggie heaven and to make sure they show up to the next one.” Melanie

Unleash your inner child…and your dog’s inner puppy!

Stroll, walk, or run around at Carnation Farms. You’ll find acres of grass, a beautiful lake and lots of other dogs and dog-lovers with Mt. Baker and Mt. Rainer, and the foothills of the Cascades as a backdrop. Then add fun dog-themed parks and our optional obstacles such as sand, hay, air foam, tunnels, and of course the Muddy Mutt Mud Pit for all levels of canine and human fitness. Enjoy the tailgate party with music, goodies, charities and adoptable dogs! Spend as much time as you like at any of the obstacles, or skip them entirely. It’s all up to you how you and your dog enjoy the day.

Obstacles are easy and enjoyable for the whole family on this crazy, fun day. This is a non-competitive, non-timed event set up with dog-friendly obstacles and play areas scattered around.

Whenever you and your dog are done playing, stop by our dog-washing station and get your muddy buddy cleaned up. The completely optional mud pit is the most popular obstacle, but we know you’d much rather bring home a sparkling clean dog instead of a four-footed mud monster! And just in case the fun takes over and your inner child really comes out to play, a change of clothes and some towels for yourself might not be a bad idea.

Register Now to come out with fellow dog lovers and enjoy this first of a kind event with dog themed parks, optional obstacles, a lake, our infamous mud pit and a tailgate party with music, dog-themed booths, people & dog food, charities, adoptable dogs and a Beer Garden (free beer, free root beer, and free dog beer!). Everyone is welcome to the tailgate area regardless of event participation. Come join us for the day, have fun, laugh and play!

Lick, laugh, wag—it’s a dog thing.