The Muddy Mutt event is not a race, but a day of fun and play where you can help out by supporting our charities including our venue, at Carnation Farms and local animal shelters and organizations.

Our purpose is to provide a venue for dog charities to shine. Dogs are part of our lives; appearing in our worlds to remind us daily to take walks, get outside, stretch, play, explore, be happy, and love unconditionally. The Muddy Mutt Event’s participating charities offer education, exposure, interaction, and awareness. The charities also provide visibility and support for adoptable dogs, helping them find their forever homes.

In this spirit, please enjoy the entire experience because this is a “first of its kind” event. Our Tailgate area is as big a draw as the event itself, and where our charities SHINE. Have fun. Give, Laugh, Play. And most of all, as you take good care of your dogs, help the charities take care of their dogs—they need a little boost from the rest of us.

Come join the conversation and learn about the many possible ways you can help our charities.

Carnation Farms uses its rich historical legacy and distinct 818-acre property to provide unique hands-on, experience-based educational opportunities. Our programs empower children and visitors alike, provide a sense of community, and help build a healthier, brighter future.

Carnation Farms is focused on building healthy communities, enhanced with farm based programs and a connection to the history of Carnation and Washington state.

Carnation Farms is currently evaluating the landscape of the greater Seattle area in order to identify groups who are in need of programs that educate and improve lives.

Carnation Farms plans to partner with life-minded organizations, building stronger communities that focus on healthy futures for children and families. Visit for details and to stay up to date on future opportunities.

If we could read a dog’s mind, we would probably discover that, just like us, they want the simplest things in life.

Food, Shelter, and Love
These are what the Muddy Mutt wants to provide them through our relationships with our charities. The statistics on dog abuse and pet owner’s irresponsibility are unacceptable.