Kick back in our Tailgate Area. Have some free drinks (alcohol or non-alcohol), food, merchandise and enjoy the entertainment. While you're there, check out the dog-themed booths and games, talk to our supporting charities, meet the adoptable dogs looking for their forever homes, and hang out with fellow dog-lovers. You’ll find treats, toys, and trinkets galore to buy for you and your four-footed friend in the Tailgate area. We even have pet-safe “tattoos” for decorating your freshly-bathed pup. EVERYONE IS WELCOME to the tailgate area regardless of event participation. It’s a great place to meet dogs and their humans, enjoy entertainment, food and beverages, and help support your local charities. Come hang out and enjoy the day.

Lastly, the Muddy Mutt is not a race but a fun and charitable event. In this spirit, please enjoy the obstacles, party, music, and the entire experience because this is a “first of its kind” event. Have fun. Laugh. Play. And most of all, continue taking great care of your dogs and help the charities and sponsors because they helped us.

Lick, laugh, wag—it’s a dog thing.